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Gil Aviles, MBA - Proprietor

The firm is lead by charismatic New York native.  Who prides himself in delivering results, exceeding client expectations. Over two decades of professional experience. Working knowledge of best practices in a organizational settings. Leveraging his vast experience and education in conjunction with his extensive professional network to provide you with a world class level of service. 

Our team is personable, and fully committed. Our professionals and partners have many years of experience in technology, marketing, consumer behavior and finance. All trained to tap into our network of human and digital resources. We get you the job done right and on time, every single time.  

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Marketing & Online Presence, SEO Optimization

  • SEO Management
  • Web and Mobile Development
  • AdWords, Facebooks Ads Management 
  • Content Creation
  • Performance Dashboards 
  • Data Analysis & Visualization 

Your Online Branding & Financial Planning Partners

In depth understanding of product & service sales demand trends and the macro-economic factors which affect pricing.  Utilizing various apps we identify trends, proposing product mixes. Ultimately developing and managing a tailor made digital marketing & sales strategy for your business or organization.

A proven track record of successfully creating and rolling out Financial Planning models of scale. We can deliver immediate company wide value, positively impacting the management culture, even in extremely complex organizations, generating over one billion dollars in annual sales. 

Extremely skilled at leveraging your own proprietary data, to add organizational value. We provide measures of labor efficiency, identify costs cutting opportunities, collusion & systems control deficiencies. 

We can suggest simple process improvements or in some cases process elimination. We create long term equity value for your firm’s owners, partners or stakeholders.  

Years of experience working with many MIS systems, allow us to quickly identify, mine & clean relevant data.  Design & engineer meaningful, standard, scalable management reports. Develop supporting charts, & graphs carefully selected to properly tell your story.

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